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Community Guidelines

As the site is fairly new, these guidelines will continue to evolve. For now, these will be our reference when moderating the content on

  1. NSFW Content is to be marked as NSFW at all times. This is any content that includes visible genitalia or sex acts. Characters wearing boxers/bras/etc. who aren't performing explicitly sexual acts are likely allowed to go untagged.
  2. Content including minors (under 18 years old) or bestiality is not to be shared on this server. It will be promptly removed.
  3. Harassment of users on grounds of race, sexual orientation, etc. is not tolerated. Be nice to people!
  4. Be considerate of any users you federate with.
  5. Have fun, be social!
  6. Oink.

This document was last updated Sep 17, 2020.